Rotterdam – La città sede


Rotterdam makes it happen. Rotterdam is a young, dynamic metropolis that keeps developing rapidly. Here you will find sparkling skyscrapers, an impressive port, hip restaurants and food markets, renowned museums and a large number of surprising hotspots and initiatives. Rotterdam is considered the most modern city in the Netherlands. Unconventional in our own country, we are internationally renowned for our passion for innovation and unpolished charm.

Rotterdam has seen many changes in recent years. Many new icons now grace the city’s skyline, including The Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen, De Rotterdam and the new Central Station. Amidst all those imposing high-rise towers, creative entrepreneurs blazed new trails, pioneering an exciting cultural environment which has been widely acclaimed in the international media.

The great diversity in people, their dreams and ambitions, makes Rotterdam a city rich of subcultures. It has shaped our art scene, food culture, nightlife, streets and neighbourhoods, as well as the entrepreneurial spirit of our business community. In Rotterdam, this diversity comes together to create a unique urban vibe and experience not to be missed. A progressive city full of new, challenging initiatives, Rotterdam’s dynamics invite you to discover the city again and again.

Rotterdam embraces experiments of all kinds: nearly everything is possible here. There’s a rooftop city garden and a music festival at the docks. And how about an exclusive rooftop bar or a brewery in an old warehouse? Do you want to visit a floating farm ? Or rather an old swimming pool magically transformed into a laboratory of the future where you can eat oyster mushrooms cultivated on coffee grounds? All of them are exciting places that show how Rotterdam is developing into a resilient city and society by constantly anticipating the future.

Rotterdam is a city that combines bold statements about architecture, urban development and design with radical grass-roots projects. Enjoy a saunter around the Markthal, our spectacular indoor market that is a feast for both foodies and architecture aficionados. Or lose your way in one of the many old dockland areas that will hopefully soon be home to a lively nightlife again, such as the Katendrecht peninsula. 

It is hard to capture the full flavour of Rotterdam in words alone. This is a city of frontrunners, pioneers and people with the courage and the will to drive change. As such, it is always on the move, always evolving, even as you read this. That makes Rotterdam a city you have to explore and experience for yourself. Bold, lively, diverse and constantly reinventing itself.

An international city with an open culture where everyone is welcome. A safe and accessible city for tourists where almost everyone speaks English. The compact city centre makes it easy to get around on foot or on the excellent public transport system. Rotterdam’s strategic location means it’s literally connected to Europe and the world.

Rotterdam Ahoy. A world-class venue offering infinite possibilities since 1971. Masters when it comes to creating events you won’t soon forget. Here you can dance, conduct business, sing at the top of your lungs, quietly enjoy yourself, and of course, cheer on others. At Rotterdam Ahoy, you live in the moment. It stands for an unprecedented past and an inspiring future – Rotterdammers are proud of Rotterdam Ahoy, and rightfully so.

facts and figures:

• 1,500,000 visitors per year
• 550 events per year
• 10,000,000 fans within one hour’s travel
• 50th birthday in 2021
• 90,000 m2: two indoor arenas, exhibition & event halls and
convention centre
• capacity Ahoy Arena: 16,424 visitors
• Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre:
35 break out rooms (opened in 2020)
• Capacity RTM Stage (mid size arena):
7,819 visitors (opened in 2020)
• 2,000 parking spaces

Rotterdam ha una popolazione di 634 660 abitanti ed è la più grande città portuale d’Europa con 469 milioni di tonnellate di merci trasferite nel 2018. Da un punto di vista logistico, il porto è di grande importanza quando si tratta di importare ed esportare merci per l’Europa, tanto da essere stato soprannominato Europoort.

L’Olanda Meridionale, la provincia in cui si trova Rotterdam, è la regione più multiculturale dei Paesi Bassi. La città stessa ospita 174 nazionalità e tutti i paesi partecipanti all’Eurovision Song Contest sono rappresentati nella popolazione locale.

Rotterdam è anche una città architettonica. Nel centro della città, che fu in gran parte distrutto nel 1940, troverete una varietà di stili di costruzione: le icone della nuova costruzione si affiancano all’architettura di ricostruzione degli anni sessanta, settanta e ottanta.

Quegli edifici si scontrano allegramente con i grattacieli ultramoderni e gli edifici iconici come il Markthal, che sono stati aggiunti negli ultimi decenni.

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