List of LGBT participants in the Eurovision Song Contest

List of LGBT participants in the Eurovision Song Contest. The following list includes those participants in the Eurovision Song Contest who are known to be members of the LGBT community.


Artist Country Year Song Sexual orientation or gender identity Points Place
Bob Benny  Belgium 1959 “Hou toch van mij” Gay[a] 9 6
Bob Benny  Belgium 1961 “September, gouden roos” Gay[a] 1 15
Jean-Claude Pascal  Luxembourg 1961 Nous les amoureux Gay[b] 31 1
Kathy Kirby  United Kingdom 1965 “I Belong” Was in a lesbian relationship after the contest 26 2
Patrick Juvet  Switzerland 1973 Je vais me marier, Marie Bisexual[a] 79 12
Jean-Claude Pascal  Luxembourg 1981 C’est peut-être pas l’Amérique Gay[b] 41 11
Christer Björkman  Sweden 1992 “I morgon är en annan dag” Gay 9 22
Sara  Portugal 1994 “Chamar a música” Bisexual 73 8
Paul Oscar  Iceland 1997 “Minn hinsti dans” Gay 18 20
Katrina Leskanich[c]  United Kingdom 1997 “Love Shine a Light” Lesbian[a] 227 1
Dana International  Israel 1998 “Diva” Trans woman 172 1
Andrzej Piaseczny  Poland 2001 “2Long” Gay 11 20
Sarit Hadad  Israel 2002 “Light a Candle” Lesbian[a] 37 12
Deen  Bosnia and Herzegovina 2004 “In the Disco” In an open relationship with a boyfriend 91 9
Tomas Thordarson  Denmark 2004 “Shame on You” Gay Failed to qualify
Jari Sillanpää  Finland 2004 “Takes 2 to Tango” Gay Failed to qualify
Knut Anders Sørum  Norway 2004 “High” Bisexual 3 24
Donna McCaul[d]  Ireland 2005 “Love?” Lesbian Failed to qualify
Brian Kennedy  Ireland 2006 “Every Song Is a Cry for Love” Gay 93 10
Andreas Lundstedt[e]  Switzerland 2006 “If We All Give a Little” Gay 30 16
Marija Šerifović  Serbia 2007 Molitva” (Молитва) Lesbian[a] 268 1
Ola Salo[f]  Sweden 2007 “The Worrying Kind” Bisexual 51 18
Verka Serduchka  Ukraine 2007 “Dancing Lasha Tumbai” Drag persona 235 2
Lucy Diakovska[g]  Germany 2008 “Disappear” Lesbian[a][ 14 23
Friðrik Ómar[h]  Iceland 2008 “This is My Life” Gay 64 14
Oscar Loya  Germany 2009 “Miss Kiss Kiss Bang” Gay 35 20
Gordon Heuckeroth[i]  Netherlands 2009 “Shine” Gay Failed to qualify
Harel Skaat  Israel 2010 Milim” (מילים) Gay[a] 71 14
Michael von der Heide  Switzerland 2010 “Il pleut de l’or” Gay Failed to qualify
Dana International  Israel 2011 “Ding Dong” Trans woman Failed to qualify
Glen Vella  Malta 2011 “One Life” Gay Failed to qualify
Duncan James and Lee Ryan[j]  United Kingdom 2011 “I Can” Gay (James)
Bisexual (Ryan)
100 11
Tooji  Norway 2012 “Stay” Gay 7 26
Loreen  Sweden 2012 “Euphoria” Bisexual[a] 372 1
Ryan Dolan  Ireland 2013 “Only Love Survives” Gay[a] 5 26
Conchita Wurst  Austria 2014 “Rise Like a Phoenix” Drag persona[k] 290 1
Axel Hirsoux  Belgium 2014 “Mother” Gay Failed to qualify
Deen[l]  Bosnia and Herzegovina 2016 “Ljubav je” In an open relationship with a boyfriend Failed to qualify
Nina Kraljić  Croatia 2016 “Lighthouse” Bisexual 73 23
Johannes Nymark[m]  Denmark 2016 “Soldiers of Love” Gay Failed to qualify
Jamie-Lee  Germany 2016 “Ghost” Gender non-binary 11 26
Hovi Star  Israel 2016 “Made of Stars” Gay 135 14
Douwe Bob  Netherlands 2016 “Slow Down” Bisexual 153 11
Rykka  Switzerland 2016 “The Last of Our Kind” Gender non-binary Failed to qualify
Imri Ziv  Israel 2017 “I Feel Alive” Gay[a] 39 23
Slavko Kalezić  Montenegro 2017 “Space” Gay Failed to qualify
Saara Aalto  Finland 2018 “Monsters” Lesbian 46 25
Mélovin  Ukraine 2018 “Under the Ladder” Bisexual[a] 130 17
Bilal Hassani  France 2019 Roi Queer 105 16
Duncan Laurence  Netherlands 2019 “Arcade” Bisexual 498 1
Tom Hugo[n]  Norway 2019 “Spirit in the Sky” Gay 331 6
Montaigne  Australia 2021 “Technicolour” Bisexual[o] and gender non-binary[a] Failed to qualify
Jendrik  Germany 2021 “I Don’t Feel Hate” Gay 3 25
Hulda Kristín Kolbrúnardóttir[p]  Iceland 2021 “10 Years” Pansexual 378 4
Lesley Roy  Ireland 2021 “Maps” Lesbian Failed to qualify
Victoria De Angelis and Ethan Torchio[q]  Italy 2021 Zitti e buoni Bisexual (De Angelis)
“Sexually free” (Torchio)
524 1
Jeangu Macrooy  Netherlands 2021 “Birth of a New Age” Gay 11 23
Vasil  North Macedonia 2021 “Here I Stand” Gay Failed to qualify
Roxen  Romania 2021 “Amnesia” Gender non-binary[a] Failed to qualify
Blas Cantó  Spain 2021 Voy a quedarme Bisexual 6 24
Sheldon Riley  Australia 2022 “Not the Same” Gay 125 15
Elín Eyþórsdóttir[r]  Iceland 2022 Með hækkandi sól Lesbian 20 23
Michael Ben David  Israel 2022 “I.M” Gay Failed to qualify
WRS  Romania 2022 Llámame Pansexual[a] 65 18
Gustaph  Belgium 2023 “Because of You” Gay 182 7
Alessandra Mele  Norway 2023 “Queen of Kings” Bisexual 268 5
Luke Black  Serbia 2023 Samo mi se spava” (Само ми се спава) Gay 30 24
Loreen  Sweden 2023 “Tattoo” Bisexual 583 1

Artists with multiple appearances. Five of the LGBT artists listed above have competed in the Eurovision Song Contest twice:

  •  Belgium: Bob Benny, 1959 and 1961
  •  Luxembourg: Jean-Claude Pascal, 1961 and 1981
  •  Israel: Dana International, 1998 and 2011
  •  Bosnia and Herzegovina: Deen, 2004 and 2016
  •  Sweden: Loreen, 2012 and 2023


Presenter Host country Year Sexual orientation or gender identity
Yigal Ravid  Israel 1999 Gay
Assi Azar  Israel 2019 Gay
Nikkie de Jager  Netherlands 2021 Trans woman
Mika  Italy 2022 Gay
Graham Norton[s]  United Kingdom 2023 Gay


  • a^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o Came out subsequent to the Eurovision performance
  • b^ a b Never publicly came out during his lifetime
  • c^ Performed as part of the band Katrina and the Waves
  • d^ Performed as part of the duo Donna and Joe
  • e^ Performed as part of the group six4one
  • f^ Performed as part of the band The Ark
  • g^ Performed as part of the band No Angels
  • ih^ Performed as part of the band Eurobandið
  • j^ Performed as part of the band De Toppers
  • k^ Performed as part of the band Blue
  • l^ Thomas Neuwirth, the person behind the persona, is openly gay
  • m^ Performed with Dalal and feat. Ana Rucner and Jala
  • n^ Performed as part of the band Lighthouse X
  • ñ^ Performed as part of the group Keiino
  • o^ open during the contest
  • p^ A backup vocalist for Daði og Gagnamagnið
  • q^ Performed as part of the band Måneskin
  • r^ Performed as part of the band Systur, who are activists for transgender rights. During the voting segments, while the group was in the green room, they waved a transgender flag alongside the Icelandic flag.
  • s^ has also served as the UK’s television commentator for the contest since 2009