ESC 2012: Ecco le Postcards

Il design dell’edizione di quest’anno ha ruotato tutto attorno al soprannome dell’Azerbaigian, ovvero “la terra del fuoco” (Land of Fire). Tutto quanto, quindi, richiama il fuoco, dai colori caldi del palco al logo stesso di quest’anno, un fiore di fuoco.

Come tutte l’edizione ogni canzone è preceduta da un breve filmato detto ‘cartolina’ che illustra una diversa caratteristica della nazione ospitante.

Le cartoline introduttiva di quest’anno hanno iniziato con un’immagine dell’artista, seguito dalla bandiere e il nome del paese scritto in un carattere handwritten su uno sfondo simile al giallo, arancione e rosso fuoco come il logo di quest’anno.

Diverse immagini di Azerbaigian sono state utilizzate, dove una didascalia ha mostrato     ‘Azerbaijan’ e al di sotto dei Land of … ‘(ad esempio Terra dell’Abbondanza, Terra di Poesia, ecc.) e poi seguito dal nome di una città o un elemento geografico, che mostra il paesaggio e la cultura del paese.

Alcune cartoline si concentrano sulla città ospitante di Baku con il testo cambiato di ‘Baku’ e sotto ‘City of …’ (ad esempio Città del Jazz, Città del tempo libero, ecc.).

Le cartoline finiscono con un’immagine della Baku Crystal Hall illuminata con i colori della bandiera del paese che in quel momento si esibisce. 

Ecco di seguito le cartoline dell’Eurovision Song Contest 2012:

1. Albania – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Azerbaijan: Land of Horsemen 
For centuries, breeding and riding horses was an integral part of day-to-day life in Azerbaijan. The famous Garabagh racing horses were standing in high value for decades. Despite the modern innovations and fancy cars seen here and there, the spirit of horse riding is still alive in country, with an old game, chovgan, a type of local polo, reviving and getting ever more popular in modern Azerbaijan.

2. Montenegro – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Azerbaijan: Land of Abundance
Azerbaijan is known for a breath-taking beauty and diversity of its nature. Lankaran, a magnificent area in the south-east washed by warm waters of the Caspian Sea, is famous for plethora of sub-tropical fruits its hard-working residents cultivate. Delicious tangerines are among Lankaran’s signature products. The plenty of opportunities in Azerbaijan is only surpassed by the abundance of local talents.

3. Romania – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Azerbaijan: Gabala
Gabala, one of the most picturesque landscapes in Azerbaijan, hidden in the mountains of the Greater Caucasus, provides excellent opportunities for extreme tourism today. The mountain streams and gorges that could only be accessed by horse for ages are nowadays conquered by quad bikes and some truly challenging local youth. So meet your challenge and beat it in the beautiful mountains of Azerbaijan.

4. Austria – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Azerbaijan: Land of Mystery
The Royal Palace of Shirvanshah, built in the 15th century, presents an ever-lasting mystery of Baku through intricate ornaments and inscriptions thoroughly chiseled into sandstone. Mysterious messages encrypted in the Palace’s ornate decorum oftentimes took centuries to be revealed. Today, this mystery of Oriental architecture is brought to life through a fiery dance of two local divas giving motion and life to the beautiful stonework that stood mute for centuries.

5. Ucraina – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Azerbaijan: Land of Power
A country of mountains and peaks, Azerbaijan had been fostering people of strong character since times immemorial. The will and stamina of our ancestors may still be sensed in surviving medieval towers and castles scattered all over the country. The aspiration for strength and perfection is featuring Azerbaijanis today. Meanwhile, the growing economic strength of independent Azerbaijan nowadays is finding its way through mushrooming modern towers featuring today’s Baku and rapidly changing the cityscape.

6. Bielorussia – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Azerbaijan: The Land of Green
With the size and population comparable to Austria, Azerbaijan features nine climatic zones and an enormous natural diversity with alpine meadows, relic forests, abundant grasslands and pristine lakes. Some species of local wildlife are truly unique making Azerbaijan a place second to none for relaxation and ecotourism.

7. Belgio – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Baku: On Air
The national independence brought a number of new TV and Radio broadcasting channels currently operating in Azerbaijan, both private and state-owned. Ictimai, the Public TV and Radio channel, stands out among them. An active member of the EBU, Ictimai was selected the broadcasting channel for a number of famous events, Eurovision 2012 is one of them.

8. Azerbaigian – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Azerbaijan: Garabagh
Garabagh, one of Azerbaijan’s historic and cultural hubs, is known for its fragrant orchards (‘gara bagh’ in Azeri), excellent horses, flamboyant carpets, and, above all, centuries-old musical traditions. Widely famous as Azerbaijan’s vocal academy, Garabagh, and its major town of Shusha were home to some of the country’s most outstanding singers and musicians. It were these ‘Garabagh Nightingales’ who made Azerbaijani musical legacy recognized all over the world.

9. Malta – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Azerbaijan: Land of History
With its moderate size but enormously rich history, Azerbaijan presents a unique encyclopedia of architectural styles and plethora of building techniques. Intricate stone carvings of Baku next to fascinating brick masonry and woodwork of Sheki, time tested mountain bridges next to mausoleums of Nakhchivan create a feeling of an open air museum, whereas the ever-lasting flames at the Zoroastrian temple of Atashgah light the fire of inspiration and the wish to never leave this magic land of history written in stone.

10. San Marino – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Baku: City of Jazz
Home to the first opera, ballet and theater in the Muslim world, Baku is also known as the hotbed of Jazz in the Orient. Vagif Mustafazadeh, an outstanding Azerbaijani jazz pianist, succeeded in marrying jazz with traditional Azeri mugham, thus making a unique blend of diverse musical styles. Deeply-rooted jazz traditions are nowadays reviving with a new generation of local artists and legend figures like Al Jarreau performing in Baku.

11. Francia – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Baku: City of Fine Cuisine
A rapidly growing cosmopolitan urban center, Baku offers a tremendous choice of various cuisines. However, don’t miss the chance to try mouth-watering local food with plethora of dishes. Famous local kebabs, dolma, fish, caviar, pilaf, fresh-grown fruit and vegetables provide sufficient selection of food for everyone, carnivore or vegetarian. So taste the beauty and harmony of Azerbaijan through its magnificent cuisine!

12. Regno Unito – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Azerbaijan: Land of Arts
Deeply-rooted art traditions in Azerbaijan may be traced back to the unique rock carvings of Gobustan, some of them 8-10 thousand years old. In later centuries, the artistic spirit of local people found its way through elaborate miniatures and frescoes like those in the Royal Palace of Sheki, impressive statues in Baku and all over the country. Today, it is the Modern Art Museum that brings together artists with the most innovative and extraordinary ideas, still passing the message of the country’s storied past like. The state-of-the-art video-art technologies of projecting images onto the medieval Maiden Tower and other heritage buildings, is just an example of that.

13. Turchia – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Azerbaijan: Land of Tea
Tea is one of Azerbaijan’s signature products cultivated in the country’s sub-tropical south, Lankaran. An enormously labor intensive crop grown by hard-working local farmers results in a glass of fragrant soft drink revealing this magic land like the sea in a droplet. So taste the harmony of Azerbaijan with a glass of local tea!

14. Grecia – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Baku: Sunny City
The Holiday of Spring, Novruz, is the oldest and still most popular festivity in Azerbaijan. Celebrated on the day of Vernal Equinox, March 21, it symbolizes awakening of the nature and the fresh breath of spring that brings hope, inspiration and love. Now and forever.

15. Bosnia & Herzegovina – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Azerbaijan: Sheki
A magnificent town of Sheki hidden in the mountains and forests of the Greater Caucasus is a unique place with architecture, cuisine, handicrafts, silk products, confectionery and traditions of hospitality unparalleled in the whole country. The Royal Palace of Sheki erected in the early 18th century with not a single nail is a true pearl of the Azerbaijani architecture presenting a fascinating combination of traditional murals (shebeke) with magnificent frescoes performed in the best traditions of local miniature art. If you want to see a piece of paradise on Earth, be our guest in Sheki!

16. Moldavia – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Azerbaijan: Land of Friends
One of the oldest fests in Azerbaijan, Novruz, the Spring Holiday, is among the most favorite events celebrated in Azerbaijan to this day. The tradition of jumping over the fire, burning candles and sharing the holiday feast brings about unforgettable impressions and sweet memories of the new friends gained in this Land of Fire.

17. Bulgaria – Eurovision 2012, Postcards:Baku: City of Culture
A city located at the very intersection of East and West, Europe and Asia, Baku has always been open to various influences. Deeply-rooted traditions of tolerance and flexibility turned the city into a unique hub bringing together history and modernity, centuries-old traditions and cutting-edge innovations. That’s what Baku has always been about!

18. Svizzera – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Azerbaijan: Land of Snow
Snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus and magnificent alpine landscapes featuring Azerbaijan’s versatile nature create enormous opportunities for mountain ski and winter resorts. With sizeable investments into tourism and hospitality business in recent years, Azerbaijan has a real chance to grow into a sort of Caucasian Switzerland and become a popular hub for tourists and fans of winter sports.

19. Slovenia – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Baku: New City
A challenging new city is rising day by day rapidly changing Baku’s skyline and cityscape. The bold shape of the coastline and breath-taking bird’s eye view vista of the city present a newly emerging and booming urban center with daring image and bold ambitions. This is the place capable of meeting new challenges and beating them.

20. Cipro – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Azerbaijan: Land of Water
With numerous lakes and rivers, washed by the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan is a true heaven for aquatic sports and entertainment. Reviving traditions in swimming, sculling and rowing supported by cutting-edge sport facilities feature the changing image of countryside areas. The town of Mingechevir, with its state-of-the-art rowing club, is just an example of these hubs fostering a new generation of local athletes.

21. Croazia – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Baku: City of Fine Cuisine
The largest cultural and business hub in the region, Baku offers a broad variety of multiple cuisines and plethora of meal choices. Yet, don’t miss the chance to taste the delicious Azerbaijani dishes made of fresh and natural local products, cooked pursuant to time-tested recipes and passing over the beauty and harmony of this recognized heaven for gourmets. These meals are for you to enjoy!

22. Slovacchia – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Baku: City of Culture
A rapidly growing industrial hub of the 19-20th century, Baku was the home to the first opera, ballet and secular school for Muslim girls in the Orient. Deeply-rooted cultural traditions are undergoing a new Renaissance today as Baku resumed its historic mission of bridging Europe and Asia through music and arts.

23. FYR Macedonia – Eurovision 2012, Postcards:Baku: City of Culture
Home to the first opera, ballet, theater, symphony and jazz in the Muslim world, Baku offers enormous opportunities for cultural life with its numerous theaters, concert halls and arenas, both traditional and ultra-modern. Don’t miss the chance to benefit from the city’s flamboyant social life and entertainment that will make your stay here truly unforgettable.

24. Paesi Bassi – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Baku: New City
One of the oldest urban centers in the region with the 12th century Citadel and heritage architecture of the 19-20th centuries, today’s Baku is in the meantime a very modern place dotted with new high-risers, eye-catching bridges and overpasses, state-of-the-art highways. The spirit of an American city with European style is combined with never fading charm of the Orient.

25. Portogallo – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Baku: New City
Cutting-edge designs and state-of-the-art high-risers are dominating modern Baku’s skyline offering the most delicate comforts one may only imagine next to the heritage landmarks of the city’s storied past. A network of brand new hotels is nowadays scattered all over the Greater Baku, from the bustling downtown to serene coastline areas in the city’s immediate vicinity.

26. Islanda – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Azerbaijan: Land of Poetry
Should you may be the Lord of all, the people’s crowned head,
One day you may be forced to cry from poverty instead.
For people let your heart be moved, grow close to them and dear
And fear the day you’ll need their aid in kind of payment made…
This message by Nizami Ganjevi, an outstanding Azerbaijani poet of the 12th century, leaves on today passing over the values that are never outdated, the values that, preserved through millennia, are still cherished in Azerbaijan today.

27. Svezia – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Baku: Living in Movement
A vibrant lifestyle has been featuring Baku for more than a century and a half so far. Bustling traffic and ramified public transportation are among the major elements of the city’s rapidly changing image. A network of cutting-edge highways is followed by a set of new subway stations and ambitious future prospects capable of turning Baku into a beating heart of the whole region of the South Caucasus.

28. Norvegia – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Baku: City of Flames
Baku, also known as Ateshi-Bakuan, i.e. the Shrine of Flames, had been a Mecca for fire-worshippers for centuries. This mesmerizing flame is still burning in Ateshgah, the famous local Fire Temple. Today, the modern Baku is flaming with its beautiful night lights, and the Flame Towers, the city’s tallest ultra-modern architectural landmark, are conveying the message of the city ambitious and promising future.

29. Lituania – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Baku: City of Drive
The night drive in Baku provides an unparalleled feeling of a flight over a city of dancing lights. Gentle illumination of heritage buildings with their impeccable decorations carved into stone next to the massive shapes of recent high-risers gleaming in the murmur of mild breeze from the Caspian Sea, with rainbow-colored TV Tower and Flame Towers as if catching a real flame stimulates a strong drive to become a part and parcel of this shining miracle named BAKU.

30. Estonia – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Baku: City of Lights
Myriads of lights shining over Baku at night turn the city into a miraculous spectacle from the One Thousand and One Nights. This it is a modern image of the city with a storied past and ambitious future. The shining Chrystal Hall appearing out of nowhere within just eight months is a magic signature landmark of today’s Baku providing an unparalleled view on one of the nicest seafronts in Europe.

31. Danimarca – Eurovision 2012, Postcards:Baku: City of Culture
Home to the first opera and theater in the Muslim world, Baku was the hotbed of the Orient’s first ballet, The Maiden Tower, in 1940. The Seven Beauties ballet by Qara Qarayev, based on eponymous poem by Nizami Ganjevi, an outstanding Azerbaijani poet of the 12th century, was staged in 1952 to become a pearl of Azerbaijan’s national ballet for decades to come. The fascinating music, impassioned performance and colorful costumes create the feeling of a magic Oriental fairy tale in today’s rapidly modernizing Baku.

32. Irlanda – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Baku: City of Dance
The art of dance is one of Azerbaijan’s most cherished cultural assets. Vigorous and forceful movements of men complemented by gentle and elegant women’s motion pass over the message of values and traditions that managed to stand to the test of time and turbulent history. Traditional Azerbaijani dances performed in Baku’s Citadel, IcheriSheher, nowadays a part of UNESCO’s cultural heritage, are particularly remarkable, with the modern city thriving around.

33. Lettonia – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Baku: City of sport
A new generation of athletes is growing with the newly acquired independence of Azerbaijan. The country’s rapid development in recent years created enabling environment for the youngsters to try themselves in various sports and athletic activities. A healthy spirit in a healthy body is the message delivered to today’s youth, some of them tomorrow’s champions.

34. Spagna – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Azerbaijan: Nakhchivan
Nakhchivan-a beautiful land of virgin nature, pristine lakes, snow-capped mountains, intricate architecture and proud people known for their hospitality and strong character. The feeling of something divine is sensed in the air here. The reason is simple as the Noah’s Arc found its final refuge very close in these mountains.

35. Finlandia – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Baku: City of Leisure
Tea is the most popular drink in Azerbaijan oftentimes viewed as a panacea of all ailments. In the old and always modern city of Baku it is a gulp of heartwarming tea that brings together people of various ages and generations. The friendly local tea parties leave sweet memories to cherish in the years to come.

36. Georgia – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Azerbaijan: Land of Power
One of the power centers in the region, Azerbaijan has always been known for its wrestlers, weight-lifters and athletes. Gulesh, the traditional Azerbaijani wrestling, is as popular and adored today as it used to be for centuries, with unique skills and techniques passed over from generation to another, fostering men of strong body and will, and future champions to make Azerbaijan known throughout the world.

37. Italia – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Azerbaijan: Land of Carpets
Blessed with abundant nature and hard-working people, Azerbaijan has been traditionally known for its marvelous works of art. Silk shawls, embroideries, copper works, jewelry are just a few to mention. That being said, the local carpets are a signature type of artwork that made Azerbaijan famous worldwide. Miraculous patterns and designs woven in wool pass over a magic message of the Azerbaijanis’ rich spiritual world and unlimited fantasy. Feel the Azeri soul through the carpets that are second to none!

38. Serbia – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Azerbaijan: Land of Horsemen
The horse has been an integral part of Azerbaijan’s history and identity from times immemorial. Even today, despite the rapidly changing lifestyle and modern technologies, the art of horse-riding is viewed as a sign of power, might and manhood. The passion of horse race passes over the message of local character and lifestyle that could stand to the test of time and history.

39. Germania – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Azerbaijan: Land of Energy
Within the recent century and a half, the portrait of Azerbaijan and its capital city of Baku in particular, is to a great extent a portrait in oil. Half of the world’s output in crude produced in Baku in 1901 was followed by good three quarters of the Soviet Army’s fuel provided during World War 2. The new oil boom the independent Azerbaijan is facing today fuels enormous construction activities all over the country, with cutting-edge buildings erected, heritage mansions restored and daring projects undertaken in Baku and the countryside.

40. Russia – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Baku: Sunny City
A sunny city is sharing its smile at the friendly seafront. Baku’s famous promenade area, the Boulevard, was created by landfill a hundred years ago. One of the longest seaside walkways of Europe, today it is mushrooming with ultra-modern constructions, next to the heritage buildings and the city’s signature landmark, Maiden Tower, still covered with its legends, stories and tales.

41. Ungheria – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Azerbaijan: Land of Tradition
For millennia, Azerbaijan succeeded in preserving deeply-rooted traditions, architecture and identity of its own. The country’s rich cultural legacy expresses itself through music and dancing art, with costumes and tools conveying the message of the past in a universal language. The music of Azerbaijan will light the fire of friendship and cordiality for everyone who selects this country as a place to visit.

42. Israele – Eurovision 2012, Postcards: Azerbaijan: Holy Land
The ancient land of Azerbaijan has been the hotbed to various religious cults from and beliefs since times immemorial. The Mother Church in Kish, one of the oldest shrines in the Caucasus, thoroughly restored in recent years, is one of the numerous holy places cherished in the country. The independence presented Azerbaijan with a renaissance of various places of worship, such as newly built synagogues, Catholic cathedral, restored Orthodox churches, renovated and reconstructed mosques. The spirit of tolerance featuring the country throughout its history is one of the major values cherished in modern Azerbaijan.